Jewellery Rash / Sensitivity / Hypo-allergenic

“Hypoallergenic” jewellery is jewellery made out of purer forms of metal, such as copper, surgical steel, titanium, and precious metals such as Sterling / Fine silver, 18 ct gold, platinum and palladium. Effectively, these metals are less likely to react to you than a “standard” metal alloy.
As many as 15% of adults have an allergy of some description to specific metals. The allergy can include a redness, a rash, skin blistering. Often the allergy is caused most often by nickel.
Nickel is a white coloured metal used to make certain metals and alloys stronger and whiter. The European Union have directed that as of March 2013, nickel is (effectively….there is a trace left) no longer to be used in jewellery products that touch the skin, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watch cases.
To alleviate allergic reaction on your current jewellery , assuming you still wish to wear it, you could try a DIY remedy of a thin coat of clear varnish or nail polish on your jewellery where it touches the skin. I would recommend that you let it dry first !
Failing that you may have to take the more expensive option and purchase some new pieces of jewellery.
As mentioned above, the EU have decreed that nickel – the most common irritant – is no longer to be used, you should bear in mind that if you buy second hand gold jewellery, this will still contain a fair and irritating percentage of nickel, and potentially any products from outside the EU, especially if directly imported.
Also, remember that alloy metals, and that includes 9ct gold (white/red/yellow etc) – they still contain a mix of different metals such as silver, copper, palladium and zinc, some of which may unfortunately still cause irritation. Some continental silver and “world” silvers also falls into this category, often containing much less silver than you think. Do your research !.
So maybe the only options left are no jewellery (not a great option), or trying purer quality metal jewellery as mentioned at the start of this article.
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