Soldering for Beginners, an infographic, courtesy Cooksons

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Jewellery Rash / Sensitivity / Hypo-allergenic

“Hypoallergenic” jewellery is jewellery made out of purer forms of metal, such as copper, surgical steel, titanium, and precious metals such as Sterling / Fine silver, 18 ct gold, platinum and palladium. Effectively, these metals are less likely to react to you than a “standard” metal alloy. As many as 15% of adults have an […]

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Laser Hallmarking in Jewellery

Hallmarking in Jewellery The subject of traditional “stamped” hallmarking jewellery has been covered a lot but little seems to have been written on the subject of the latest version of this – Laser Hallmarking. Laser hallmarking came to life in the UK back in 2006 at Sheffield’s Assay Office. Very briefly and simply, for a […]

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